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Susan Thomas and her team bring a lot of award winning experience to their programs. Susan is a certified business coach with a wealth of knowledge for entrepreneurs, professionals and business owners. If you keep doing the same thing and expect different results. Well, we all know that if we continue what we are doing nothing changes. But if you look to make changes then Premier Coaching is the business coach you need to take you to the next level. Our specialized programs to give business professionals in business the necessary edge to move towards their purpose, dreams and lifestyle they desire.

Passion Driven Purpose for Entrepreneurs

Ideal for entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to go to the next level. This program is a ten-session program to help entrepreneurs to gain focus, discover their passion and be driven to accomplish what is truly important to each client. Passion is the fuel that propels us to great success in all aspects in our life and business.  Taking this program, you will gain perspective and start moving towards your goals. We will identify hindrances and open your capacity to get to where you want to go.

Passion Driven Purpose for Professionals

This is an ideal program for someone that is looking to change career paths, working for corporations and want to work on their management skills & goals around your career. Business Coaches have a way to help you see outside yourself. The ability to see your potential and help you to get there. Change is a process and we all need accountability and moving in the direction that is clearly your path.

Susan’s program, has impacted on my approach to business creating a positive effect in all aspects of my business in a short time. She meets you where you are at, listens clearly, communicates effectively, and helps create a plan with attainable steps to reach your goals.

Susan also brings support to my business with professional resources and helping me connect to networks of people that I would not have sought out otherwise. With her knowledge, integrity, experience and passion, Susan is an invaluable to any business professional.”


Kali Pappas – Owner, Mega Alexander Foods Catering

Business Coaching

Certified Business Coaching For Today’s Entrepreneur & Business Professional. No matter where you are on your journey. We want to help you redefine your passion and move through the obstacles you have from reaching your success.

We offer:

  • One-on-one private coaching
  • Coaching packages available:
    • 90 day program
    • 6 months program
    • 1 year program
  • Group coaching also available
  • Inquire about our introductory Discovery Coaching Session

Motivational Speaking

Speaking – Susan Thomas has spoken on many topics she is passionate about, both locally and internationally.

Susan has been doing public speaking for over three decades. She enjoys motivating, inspiring and encouraging entrepreneurs, business owners, corporations, community organizations, not for profit and other professional groups.

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*Ask about our not-for-profit discounts.

Seminars & Retreats

1-day, 2-day and weekend seminars available. We also provide annual retreats for groups and organizations.
We can customize your event to suit any group or organization.

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