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I have no hesitation in recommending Susan Thomas as a coaching practitioner for your business. She has more than 30 years of experience in conducting business and keeping extra ordinary relationship with stakeholders, business partners and employees. She is the best of the best.

Gurinder Pandher

I have found Susan to be the consummate professional. Everything she undertakes is done with passion, knowledge, understanding and care.

Adrian Brugge

Creative/Designer, Brugge Design

I have known and worked with Susan Thomas for over 10 years. Of all the business people I have met, Susan’s personal character and business acumen are the highest. I trained and networked weekly for a six year period with Susan at Focused Networking. Susan often facilitated and trained business people at these training sessions. Susan, with her exceptional warmth, has an ability to immediately put people at ease. She is very talented, intelligent, and most genuine. For anyone, in need of superb coaching results, I highly recommend Susan at Premier Coaching, to help you improve your business and personal skills, in order to attain and maintain your desired goals. Please contact me if you want to discuss this further. 604-812-7332.

Brian J. Wilson

President, Selectart Advertising Inc.

When you reflect on the relationships you build through your life, you realize that some of them are lasting and impactful. Such is the relationship with Susan Thomas. I started working with Susan as my printing source because of her consistent quality, value and, most importantly, her reliability was second to none. I have watched as Susan implemented idea after idea to grow her business to one of the premier print shops in the Lower Mainland. When it came time to expand and move, our roles became reversed and she became my customer. The great thing about working with Susan in this role was that she is very articulate. Susan had been in customer service for so long that she understands compromise without selling out your dream. Along the way we all became great friends. With her heart, intelligence, diligence and empathy, she’s unstoppable! Suffice it to say, I am grateful our paths crossed.

Art Dodd

Think Fit Daily Consulting Inc.

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